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“Scary Gary” Poole

There is a chapter dedicated almost entirely to Scary Gary Poole in “There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air” from Authorhouse books. Scary Gary Poole is now a partner of sorts of The Landmark Tavern in Raleigh but at one time was the afternoon drive disc jockey for KSJO in San Jose. The guy I replaced in 1989.

How we both ended up in Raleigh North Carolina a few miles apart is astounding.

gary poole kenny wayne sheperd 2011
Scary Gary at the DPAC during Kenny Wayne Sheperd soundcheck.

He once told me a story of how he got fired at KOME in San Jose while we were both out there in the late eighties and the program director dismissed him and “all of his rock friends”.

All of his rock friends.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Come see Gary’s band The T’s play December 11th at The Landmark. He and I will sign copies at the quaint Landmark all night. You’ll LOVE the band.

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