All New Web TV Series "There's Nothing Louder Than Dead Air"

The Writing Isn’t The Hard Part

It took about a year to complete “There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air” which turned out to be a stream of consciousness work…the editors I employed and publishers I submitted manuscripts to all said the style was “conversational”. I suppose the style could have been more formal but I couldn’t write in a formal style, it would probably come off as pretentious and uneducated. I figured if I wrote in a conversational style, the bar would be set lower.
The hard part about this work is the marketing. I have discovered that success in book sales has to do with the marketing, not necessarily the product! There are so many movies that have created anticipation and excitement and have grossed millions, then disappointed.
Oh well, right?
I will spend the next year marketing “There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air” and see if I can pay the rent and eat with the proceeds. Judd Patterson of Kreative Concepts has joined in as a publicist, he is also a team member of the “Floyd Council Project”, the group of people dedicated to unearthing the gravesite of Pink Floyd namesake Floyd Council who is buried in an abandoned cemetery in Sanford, NC.
Blade Book Cover
We got to the back portion of the trailer, and seated at the one desk in the room was a big burly-looking guy with a full beard. He wore a porkpie hat, and his name was Paul Jackson. We later added “Stonewall” to his name. This was not in reference to the Confederate general, but in reference to the fact that we felt we were talking to an actual stone wall when we spoke to him. When I first saw him that day, he was leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk, fast asleep. Hell, most times later on we were never sure he was awake when we spoke to him standing up.
-There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air