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Steamboat Springs: Down and Out

There hasn’t been any snow in two years in Steamboat Springs or any of the ski resorts in the Rockies including Aspen, Breckenridge and Vail. Nobody has gone there to ski in a couple of years now and it is really eerie to see ski gondolas gliding and swinging up and down the slops with nobody in them.

Steamboat horizon from hillside

It’s a bigger problem for the white water rafting, fishing and canoeing-kayaking industry because there is no snow, so no runoff when it melts. The town is in really bad shape. Nobody there in the dead of ski season again.

Steamboat ski slopes-no snow

Steamboat ski slopes-this snow may even be man-made.

steamboat railroad tracks west

Railroad track heading through Yampa Valley in the Rockes

Yampa Valley farming contraption

Yampa Valley ranch outside Steamboat Springs

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