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The Tom Petty Interview (Actually, Tom Petty’s daughter interview)

In a funny and unforgettable moment, as Tom was speaking with our cross-town rival KOME, his nine or ten-year-old daughter, AnnaKim, wandered up to our station stage and asked me if she could be on the radio with me.

“Who do you want to say hi to?” I asked, not knowing who she was.

“Well, that’s my dad over there. My name is AnnaKim Petty, and I just want to talk on the radio. He always does.”

“Okay, well come on over.”
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She was so cute and so curious. We talked for about five minutes, and as Tom’s interview wrapped up on KOME, he spotted his daughter over with me.


“AnnaKim!” he snapped at her. “Come on, get over here!”

“Bye,” she said on the radio, and then she hustled off with Daddy.

He had his arm around her and was talking to her very sternly as they walked toward the backstage entrance.

“Don’t you ever just talk with guys like that on the radio. They can’t be trusted! They’re vermin and they’re no good!”

I am sure he didn’t say that, it just looked like he was saying that.

KOME talked with Tom Petty, and KSJO talked with his daughter; two of the four stations did a lot better than the other two. KRQR talked to nobody, and ditto for Live 105. Later in his life, Tom Petty had a son named Dylan. I love that because Tom’s singing style is a lot like Bob Dylan’s. Every rocker loves Bob Dylan. It is well documented, though, that Tom Petty was one of his biggest fans.

“Hallucinating in the flower freezer”

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