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Colorado Springs Revisited

Colorado wilderness between Denver and Colorado Spring off of I-25

I spent all of Sunday afternoon driving around Colorado Springs and revisiting the town that my family lived in for one year in 1970.

My fifth grade school still stands…built in 1948 and it hasn’t changed at all. Much of Colorado Springs hasn’t changed at all, although it has now almost half a million people. I’m serious, the town looks totally run down.

The home my family lived in is exactly the same. The Cherry Tree is still in front, it was so beautiful when the cherry's all appeared in spring, but were gone in one day when the birds ate them all. I was told we could enjoy that cherry tree for one day and they were right.

Home on Uintah Street

This is Monday morning December 3rd and I will visit Manitou Springs in the mountains where my father took us one Saturday, and also on the schedule, a trip to the Garden of the Gods where we visited often. I drove by and saw the Air Force Academy where my father took me to my first college football game, the Falcons of the United States Air Force Academy versus the Rams of Colorado State.

air force football stadium

At halftime, the young cadets would release their trained falcons into the air from their still perch on their forearms and to the entire stadiums amazement, the falcons would take flight and fly majestically and purposefully around the stadium and finally land gracefully and clasp their claws right back on the cadets padded forearms.

My father took all seven of us everywhere in the year we were in the Springs.