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The Springs

What is next.
I am heading out west. I am flying out to the town where I threw my first one-hitter. The town where the legendary U2 performance occurred at Garden of the Gods. The town where I endured the coldest cold I have ever experienced. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A similar view of Pikes Peak from our home on Meade Street
View from my old home on Meade Street.

The Air Force Academy
The United States Air Force Academy

I was just a boy but even as a boy I remember how this part of the country was the most beautiful I had ever seen. While staying at the Air Force Academy in the Bachelor’s Officers Quarters for a week while my father found us a home in Colorado Springs, I woke up each morning in February and saw the deer standing magnificently in the three feet of snow at woods edge. The clearest blue sky I have ever seen. The coldest cold I have ever felt.

queen palmer
My elementary school still stands. Queen Palmer Elementary.

Each morning my mother would help me fold newspapers and I would head out in the sixteen degree mornings to deliver the Colorado Springs Gazette and after my last paper was delivered, I coasted on my bicycle down Uintah Street with Pikes Peak in full view. After being so tired, it was a welcome relief to coast downward home back into my warm bed.

I have a few scheduled stops at radio stations in the state which include the Springs, Denver and Steamboat Springs. To find a job in radio now would be pure luck.