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Two Worst Interviews Ever

Do I start with the midget strippers? Or do I start with the John Entwhistle interview?

blade event photo

I was asked this question during the question portion of my book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Cary, NC Wednesday night the 9th of January. That is possibly the easiest question I was asked.
Thee Dollhouse of Raleigh had signed up “Little Sisters”, twin midget strippers, for a weekend in January in 2005 and the entire weekend sold out weeks in advance! I nailed down an interview with the two and they came by to talk in person the Friday before their first show.


The reason why the interview went so horribly was because they had nothing to say. This is the air check.

Twin Midget Strippers Interview January 2005

The other really bad interview was with John Entwhistle of The Who no less, may he rest in peace. I had no idea that Entwhistle was legally deaf. The interview was by phone and the poor guy couldn't hear my questions very well so it was a five minute interview of…

Two of the greatest-worst interviews of 20+ years of rock radio.