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Blade Radio Show-The First One

I always said that when I slide that set of Sony headphones on before a break on the air, it's the most natural thing in the world for me. And it is. I finished my first show on MusicStar Worldwide and I had the same thoughts I used to have after my shows in Raleigh, and they're always the same. It's one of these three thoughts;
1. "That was a good show"
2. "Ehh."
3. "I sucked today"

Today's thought? Number 2.

After discussing my jobs of the last two years on the show, I had no idea I had so many said "jobs". Best Buy Home Theatre, Dunkin Donuts, custodian at a concert hall, actor, UPS package slinger, grade school kids photographer, teacher. I taught a full semester of the Music Business at Central Arizona College which was a four month semester, but believe you me, the other jobs lasted about thirty days a piece.
It's been a series of thirty-day trials. I have opted out after thirty days. Hey I gave it a shot at being a regular joe. I can't do regular jobs like I thought I could. I can do what I can do and that's a radio show.

MusicStar Worldwide Studio

The first show was a bit weird because of trying to get my technical stuff down so my levels were off, my voice was too low and the music too high, but that's an easy fix. The show is an hour long and I got in ten songs, the idea is to lengthen the show to two hours but it's costly. I am hoping I can get supporters ($1 to $10 monthly) and sponsors ($100 monthly with logos/banners and links) to expand to five days a week. This way I can get my music in. The thousands  and thousands of songs that are there. Highlights from today:

"Workin For MCA"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Thrill Is Gone"-Jose Feliciano (I don't want to hear it. I had no idea how good a gee-tar player Jose is)
"Chop and Change"-The Black Keys

Quickie Show Clip: Cheyenne Wyoming and my 92 year old wife.

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This is great. Watch it go. Next show is Friday March 13th at 3pm ET. Catch all the archives if you can't sneak the live show in.