All New Web TV Series "There's Nothing Louder Than Dead Air"

The BLADE Radio Show

This show is just about ready. I signed on with and am starting my new radio show this Friday at 3pm ET and it's damned exciting. I'll play what I want to play without having to play what they tell me. It's an internet show which is the way to go now because it's not governed by the FCC or radio program directors.

This way I can play the new bands that I love and help give the new guys a start. And since it's rated by page views (analytics), and not this clown ratings system where radio programmers tell you to keep it under five seconds of talk per break, I can relax and make it comfortable for everyone.

I have been tossing around these songs as my first song this Friday:

  • Sympathy For The Devil (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out live version)
  • Fire On The Mountain-Grateful Dead OR the Marshall Tucker Band
  • Tangerine-Good ol' Zep
I'll tell ya man, I just totally miss the Southern rock. Play me some Skeenyrt bo. I just can't wait to fire up the Marshall Tucker Band, or the Dixie Dregs and dammit, Little Feat. I am using "Spanish Moon" for my intro because that Lowell George line of "I pawned my watch just to hear that girl sing" is so powerful.

"And if that don't getcha', the women will. You can lose it all down at the Spanish Moon"

I also use my old (and I mean old) friend Kevin Silva's Ed Sullivan voice, Kitty Kinnin's "Jackpot Girl" and the voice of Tommy Smith Ford doing Paul Harvey in the intro. Old old stuff but in Silva's words,

"So what. It's f*****ing funny."

Show Intro:

The show is each Friday at 3pm ET starting this week. Listen free any time and check out the archives. You can also be a supporter which will help me expand to five days a week. I have enough now for one month of shows.

Click here to join my team.

Bands, if you're looking for a start with some airplay, to hang out with me in google hangouts, live chats about your releases, and at the very least, an honest review or quote for your fan pages, shoot me your music right away. I'll get the word out.

It's a crazy, crazy world now, but the music has never died. I can't believe I didn't either. Hey man, I'd love you on my team.

Yours in music with very special thanks to Mark Knopfler, who got this whole thing going for me. -Blade