Friday, March 13, 2015

What is it about Neil Young?

"Oh to live on...Sugar Mountain...with the barkers and the colored balloons..."

 Neil Young has a way of getting you right here (thump), so in that way, you develop a real love for the man. I mean a real love. It's crazy how some singers and bands can evoke this love in me without it being returned. I can't think of a better example of unrequited love than that which I have with bands like Neil Young.

Exception: cats. Cats are the ultimate unrequited love.

It's so hard to explain how you can truly love someone you don't even really know. And the older I get, the longer the relationship gets, so really, the stronger it gets. I read this comment on a Neil Young video a while back;
The greatest thing a writer can do is to evoke deep emotions with their writing, so true of music, and I think Neil Young has always had that gift with his music. Every song is a collage of emotion, hitting you deep from all sides.
That's as good a way to decribe it I guess. Why is it that I really like U2, but they evoke zero emotion in me? Why do Mick Jagger and Keith Richards evoke? Why doesn't Aerosmith? This explains the love affair I have with music, and then it doesn't explain anything really.

 "I Am A Child"
"The Old Laughing Lady"
"Don't Let It Bring You Down"

Songs that just melt you. "He sounds like a cat" old friend Kevin Silva once said, and he LOVES Neil Young. I f*****g love Neil Young. I'll bet he loves me too in away he doesn't even know. How can you not love someone that totally adores you.

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