Sunday, June 25, 2017


I've got this talent. June 23, 2017 | Blade I've spent many years of my life thinking of myself as THEE average Joe, but I'm not. I'm more than that. Not MUCH more than that, but a little. In a recent interview on "Off The Record with Judy Schreiner", she asked me what my best talent is and I told her, flat out. Hitting a baseball. Not a softball, a baseball. I can hit a baseball, always have, and still do. At press time, my batting average in the Men's Arizona Baseball league was .389, but it's early. I hit .523 last year and made the all-star team. But that's what I do best. And it definitely doesn't pay the bills. You know actually, I pay to play in this league, and it isn't cheap. But I do have this talent of feel. Anybody can judge anything after it's done, but I have a feel for theatre, image, flow, and design, WHILE it's being done. I also don't have a stupid personality, so it's almost impossible for me to produce stupid things. I've been on top of the video editing world since 2003 and I'm completely at the top of my game. It's paying off. I've got this talent of making people proud of themselves and I do it through my editing. My goal is for my clients to love their creations so much, they watch them over and over. I've had many clients tell me just that. Here's one, a starving actor that came to me as a referral. Rock on Lazz!!!!
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