The Best Cookie Available

As an announced and well documented cookie freak, I would know what the best cookies are and where to find them. Like anything, you go through phases in selecting which cookies to gobble up that week, everything is a phase in life and when the dust settles, the cookie that has the longest phase of being devoured twenty at a time is hereby declared, by me, the best cookie.

And that’s what I do. I devour cookies. Stop it. I can’t eat two or three, I eat fifteen or twenty.

The best cookie is one of those “spritzer” cookies that I know is available at Harris Teeter, I can’t find them anywhere else. They come in a round plastic container of about eighteen, they are star shaped, and about the overall size of a camera lens. Cinnamon sprinkles and very buttery tasting and fresh and soft. I am telling you, there is no better sensation from any cookie than when you bite into a Snickerdoodle Spritzer from Harris Teeter. It is the absolute best cookie out right now.


This guy’s video about those delicious sugar cookies that are free at Harris Teeter for kids is right on, although, they don’t touch Snickerdoodles.  They are for kids which is a very nice idea. But I love them too and since I am an adult, I get to eat three. Kids only get one.

I love those sugar cookies too man.