"There's Nothing Louder Than Dead Air" - Busted at Sir Paul

I was on the way to the Paul McCartney show at Carter Finley Stadium in July of 1990 with Stonewall in the passenger seat when I was motioned over to the side of the parking lot I had just entered. It was a Raleigh policeman and he had seen the Budweiser can between my legs in the seat. I was ordered to pour out the remains. Stonewall and I stood outside as the nice officer searched the entire car. He found my hemostats in the glove compartment, but there was no weed in the car, so he wrote me up for open container and we drove on in. That was embarrassing because everyone saw me and what was happening as they drove in so all you could hear were jeers and catcalls directed towards me the whole search.

“Hey officer, I’ll take that weed off his hands so he won’t smoke it!” someone yelled leaning out of their car as it rolled on by. The police officer was giggling and laughing the whole time he was writing. I wanted to laugh too, but I thought that would be pushing it. Stonewall had to turn his back he was giggling so loudly.

 “You Blade ain’tcha” the policeman asked.
“Yes sir”.
“Don’t you know any better than to drive with an open container into a high security area?”
“Yes sir.”
“You got any marijuana on ya?”
“No sir.”
“You got a lot of friend’s ain’tcha?”
“Yes sir.”

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I'm funny and talented, but do I have what it takes? Will they like me? Second City Chicago with Andrew Faw

Second City Chicago: The Second City is an improvisational comedy enterprise, best known as the first ever on-going improvisational theater troupe in the United States and Canada.

Alum: Mike Myers, Jim Belushi, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert

The trip through the tension filled and andrenalin pumping Second City Chicago. Do I have what it takes?

As told by Andrew Faw

Show Music Playlist May 15.2015

To appear on Blade Radio Show

1. Red Streamliner - Little Feat LP: Time Loves A Hero 1977

2. Call Me The Breeze - JJ Cale LP: Live 2001
3. Norwegian Wood - Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush LP: Tales of the Unexpected 1979
***Conversation - Paul "Stonewall Jackson"***
4. Stand Or Fall - The Fixx LP: Shuttered Room 1982
5. Touch Peel & Stand - Days of the New 1997
6. Only Time Will Tell - Asia LP: Asia 1982
***Carl Palmer ELP conversation***

7. One Step Ahead - CC Mullins (Raleigh NC from his home studio)
8. Bellybone - Robert Bradley LP: Robert Bradley's Backwater Surprise 2009
9. Funk #48 - James Gang LP: Yer Album 1969

***Conversation-Second City Chicago's Andrew Faw***

Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The luckiest guitarist I've ever talked to.

I dug up an old email address I had from the composer of Sweet Home Alabama and one of the three guitar attack guitarists of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a Mr. Ed King, from interviews we had done years ago and it was still valid. 

"Sure" he said when I asked if he was available for about an hour on Friday around 1pm.

"But I'll have to go help my wife with this flower thing we have going on so can we do about fifteen minutes first, and I'll call you back when I finish?"

Ed lives in west Nashville now with his wife in a nice home and is "happily retired".

"Well you find things to do, you run errands and do little things and the days go by fairly quickly". 

Ed still plays every day, he told me, and when we got to talking about the great rock guitar intros, he came up with a few surprises. I played him my top ten list of guitar intros (not solos) and oddly enough, he wasn't really familiar with any of my choices excepting "Purple Haze", "Layla", and sure, "Sweet Home Alabama".

My list had "Thunderstruck" from AC/DC, Van Halen's "You Really Got me, "School's Out" from Alice Cooper, and "Working Man" from Rush.

"I'm surprised you don't recognize these" I said.

"I don't really listen to much guitar work any more because I'm afraid it will subconciously make me rip people off. But if you're going to have a top ten guitar intro list, make "Money For Nothing" (Dire Straits) number eleven. It just gets you right away."

 Interesting. Very.

"Oh and the greatest stratocaster intro I ever heard besides mine was from a band called Rhinoceros. I think the song was called "Sweet Brandy" or something. Just an incredibly funky stratocaster intro."

So I dug it up.

"I am the luckiest guitarist on the earth you've ever talked to" Ed told me.

"I got to work together with a total genius (Ronnie Van Zant) and nobody I've ever worked with before or since can compare. I'd fire something new on my guitar out there and play for a little in front of Ronnie and he'd sit there on the couch with his head in his hands, meaning he was thinking, and one time after thinking for a little bit, he came up to me and cupped his hands around my ear and sang...'two feets they come a creepin'...like a black cat do' and it just blew me away."

 That was the opening line from Saturday Night Special that Ed shares credit with. When I mentioned the recent passing of original drummer Bob Burns in a car accident near his home, he told me that he liked Bob, that he was a humble guy.

"His father said he had the manners of the king of England which he got from his Mom" I threw in there.

"Yeah well his father didn't know him very well" he laughed. "Either that or the manners for the king of England have changed."

Then it was me who laughed.

Boston lead singer Tommy DeCarlo on the show Friday

Boston lead singer Tomy DeCarlo will be on my show Blade Radio Show Friday at 4PM ET. Wait 'till you hear his story about Brad Delp and Tom Scholtz. He did a two-song soundcheck (Smokin' and Rock-N-Roll Band) before he went on stage live with the band for the first time in 2007 after Brad Delp died.

It's exciting as crap when he tells you the moment when Tom Scholtz called him at home to ask if wanted to head up Boston's 2008 tour. He currently lives in Charlotte and is heading out with the band April 30th for a summer-long tour.

The Blade Radio Show

Brad Delp's Death

The Boston 2015 Summer Tour

Blade Radio Show Playlist

Playlist for Blade Radio Show 3.27.2015

 1. Enjoy And Get It On - ZZ Top LP: Tejas 1976

 2. Used To Love Her - Guns N Roses LP: GNR Lies 1988

3. Jesus - Amos Lee 2011


4. Walk On Medley - Boston (Brad Delp Tribute) 1994

5. Six Blade Knife - Dire Straits 1978


6. Needle and The Spoon - Lynyrd Skynyrd LP: Second Helping 1974

Guest: David Menconi Raleigh News and Observer at South By Southwest-VIDEO

8. Ol' North State - American Aquarium LP: Wolves 2012 

9. I Am The Highway - Audioslave 2001

10. Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones LP: Get Yer Ya-Yas Out 1970

11. Shakin The Cage - The Zoo 1992

12. Riverside - America 1971

What is it about Neil Young?

"Oh to live on...Sugar Mountain...with the barkers and the colored balloons..."

 Neil Young has a way of getting you right here (thump), so in that way, you develop a real love for the man. I mean a real love. It's crazy how some singers and bands can evoke this love in me without it being returned. I can't think of a better example of unrequited love than that which I have with bands like Neil Young.

Exception: cats. Cats are the ultimate unrequited love.

It's so hard to explain how you can truly love someone you don't even really know. And the older I get, the longer the relationship gets, so really, the stronger it gets. I read this comment on a Neil Young video a while back;
The greatest thing a writer can do is to evoke deep emotions with their writing, so true of music, and I think Neil Young has always had that gift with his music. Every song is a collage of emotion, hitting you deep from all sides.
That's as good a way to decribe it I guess. Why is it that I really like U2, but they evoke zero emotion in me? Why do Mick Jagger and Keith Richards evoke? Why doesn't Aerosmith? This explains the love affair I have with music, and then it doesn't explain anything really.

 "I Am A Child"
"The Old Laughing Lady"
"Don't Let It Bring You Down"

Songs that just melt you. "He sounds like a cat" old friend Kevin Silva once said, and he LOVES Neil Young. I f*****g love Neil Young. I'll bet he loves me too in away he doesn't even know. How can you not love someone that totally adores you.

 The Blade Radio Show

Blade Radio Show-The First One

I always said that when I slide that set of Sony headphones on before a break on the air, it's the most natural thing in the world for me. And it is. I finished my first show on MusicStar Worldwide and I had the same thoughts I used to have after my shows in Raleigh, and they're always the same. It's one of these three thoughts;
1. "That was a good show"
2. "Ehh."
3. "I sucked today"

Today's thought? Number 2.

After discussing my jobs of the last two years on the show, I had no idea I had so many said "jobs". Best Buy Home Theatre, Dunkin Donuts, custodian at a concert hall, actor, UPS package slinger, grade school kids photographer, teacher. I taught a full semester of the Music Business at Central Arizona College which was a four month semester, but believe you me, the other jobs lasted about thirty days a piece.
It's been a series of thirty-day trials. I have opted out after thirty days. Hey I gave it a shot at being a regular joe. I can't do regular jobs like I thought I could. I can do what I can do and that's a radio show.

MusicStar Worldwide Studio

The first show was a bit weird because of trying to get my technical stuff down so my levels were off, my voice was too low and the music too high, but that's an easy fix. The show is an hour long and I got in ten songs, the idea is to lengthen the show to two hours but it's costly. I am hoping I can get supporters ($1 to $10 monthly) and sponsors ($100 monthly with logos/banners and links) to expand to five days a week. This way I can get my music in. The thousands  and thousands of songs that are there. Highlights from today:

"Workin For MCA"-Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Thrill Is Gone"-Jose Feliciano (I don't want to hear it. I had no idea how good a gee-tar player Jose is)
"Chop and Change"-The Black Keys

Quickie Show Clip: Cheyenne Wyoming and my 92 year old wife.

The show archive is here:

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This is great. Watch it go. Next show is Friday March 13th at 3pm ET. Catch all the archives if you can't sneak the live show in.

The BLADE Radio Show

This show is just about ready. I signed on with musicstarworldwide.com and am starting my new radio show this Friday at 3pm ET and it's damned exciting. I'll play what I want to play without having to play what they tell me. It's an internet show which is the way to go now because it's not governed by the FCC or radio program directors.

This way I can play the new bands that I love and help give the new guys a start. And since it's rated by page views (analytics), and not this clown ratings system where radio programmers tell you to keep it under five seconds of talk per break, I can relax and make it comfortable for everyone.

I have been tossing around these songs as my first song this Friday:

  • Sympathy For The Devil (Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out live version)
  • Fire On The Mountain-Grateful Dead OR the Marshall Tucker Band
  • Tangerine-Good ol' Zep
I'll tell ya man, I just totally miss the Southern rock. Play me some Skeenyrt bo. I just can't wait to fire up the Marshall Tucker Band, or the Dixie Dregs and dammit, Little Feat. I am using "Spanish Moon" for my intro because that Lowell George line of "I pawned my watch just to hear that girl sing" is so powerful.

"And if that don't getcha', the women will. You can lose it all down at the Spanish Moon"

I also use my old (and I mean old) friend Kevin Silva's Ed Sullivan voice, Kitty Kinnin's "Jackpot Girl" and the voice of Tommy Smith Ford doing Paul Harvey in the intro. Old old stuff but in Silva's words,

"So what. It's f*****ing funny."

Show Intro:

The show is each Friday at 3pm ET starting this week. Listen free any time and check out the archives. You can also be a supporter which will help me expand to five days a week. I have enough now for one month of shows.

Click here to join my team.

Bands, if you're looking for a start with some airplay, to hang out with me in google hangouts, live chats about your releases, and at the very least, an honest review or quote for your fan pages, shoot me your music right away. I'll get the word out.


It's a crazy, crazy world now, but the music has never died. I can't believe I didn't either. Hey man, I'd love you on my team.

Yours in music with very special thanks to Mark Knopfler, who got this whole thing going for me. -Blade


Some Program Director: "Hey meet me in my office afterwards so we can talk about the show."
Blade: "Why, no I won't sir."

Program Directors in radio have annoyed me in the above stated a tortuous amount of times in my radio career and I have responded in the above manner about the amount of zero times in my radio career.

I wish I had said "I'm not meeting you in your office to talk about the show. Who cares what you think" as I grabbed my headphones and ran out the door to make my 10:30 tee time.

That's what I wish I had said. There will be no more wishing because I'll never hear those words from "some program director" ever again. I never like to say "ever" or even "never" even though I just did, but I hope I mean it this time. : )

The right network hired me. I hired the right network. March 6th I'll have my own show. I can say what I want (which will be much more compelling than any commercial radio show or what "some program director" will allow), and above all, I can play what I want. I'm not stupid. I won't play 23 minutes of Echoes from Floyd. Who would sit through that? But I would play...

You'll love the music. You'll love the show.


The mysterious death of one of the founders of Central Arizona College baseball remains unsolved today. These are some articles (among the few) I have found with the most recent and relevant information.

The El Paso Times

On the suspect James Michael Snyder

Murder case dismissed

Former player for for Central Arizona College baseball under Coach Tim Edwards, Tom Martin.

I was recruited out of Farmington, New Mexico where I went to high school along with a couple of other guys. The baseball coach at that time was a guy named Dan Stoutz, (not sure about the spelling.) It was in the infant years of the program and it wasn't very good, really we were pretty awful until 72 then it really took off. Somewhere over that first winter Stoutz who was the basketball coach resigned as the baseball coach and Coach Edwards became our coach. Tim did a great job of recruiting and brought in some serious talent for the '72 season of which two guys went on to play in the majors. I was one of two catchers who played quite a bit and was lucky enough to be voted one of the co-captains. I was then named the MVP at the end of the season even though there were Freshman who had better years than me but it always had gone to a Sophomore. I went on to play at the University of Utah where I graduated from in 1975. I stayed in SLC for a couple of years and moved to the Denver area in 1979 where I reside today and have worked in the concrete business for 30 plus years. Recently, my company purchased a sports material company and I now work in that division.

Tim laid the groundwork in 72 and 73 for the National Championships which came a few years later. I remember talking with him when he gave up coaching baseball which wasn't long after I left. I asked,

"Why did you give it up?"

"Tom I had the most talent in the league and didn't win it. They need a better coach."

Can you imagine any one doing that today? He was very honest, humble, a great guy but most of all he had a sense of humor and could laugh at himself.

-Tom Martin


This isn't a day that makes Arizona special. It's 53 degrees at 8am and that makes it a day like anywhere USA. What you'd like is a day when it's 70 degrees waking up and an expected high of 96 and that's what makes Arizona a special place.

But just wait.

By the end of March the temperatures will be just about 96 and and you say to yourself, "Ugh!" and then you say to yourself, "but it's a dry heat". And you say that every day until about the middle of November. No problemo.

For the 8am shotgun start, I was intent on finding out as much as I could about Tim Edwards himself and finding out as much as I could about the baseball circle here in Casa Grande, south of Phoenix, and Central Arizona College in Coolidge. If you want the scoop, hook up in a golf foursome with a couple of lifelong baseball buddies, and then let them go.

"Have you seen ..."
"He died...."
"When you were coaching that kid..."
"That was one crazy..."
"I didn't have what it took as a player..."

The two were head baseball coach at Casa Grande High School John Batina and his friend of twenty-plus years Jeff Dean. Batina has coached CGHS for seventeen years and Dean is currently a happy social studies teacher at nearby Eloy Junior High School, but he was also a player and coach in the area for many years. Batina currently has one player on the CAC roster, Cooper Esmay (the son of former Arizona State baseball coach Tim Esmay).

"What a great kid" said Assistant Coach Jerry Hardin afterwards of Esmay during the awards luncheon.

"Yes, he was probably the best player I had when he was here" said Batina.

"Gili (CAC Head Baseball Coach) and I stay in touch, he's great at keeping the baseball community involved."

In three short months, I've found out that a successful baseball program is dependent on the baseball network. Talk and talk and talk to everyone, and you'll end up with the right players.

Jeff Dean (left)
Coach John Batina (right)

These two. Whew! It was hard to get a complaint about my swing in edgewise. They had 18 holes to catch up and they used every bit of it, I listened and gleaned what I could the whole while as I floated these magnificent draws into the cacti and desert sand. It's amazing how these "magnificent draws" as Dean mentioned, seem to get you into the places where no green grass is available, but always plenty of beautiful, succulent cacti.

Amazing I tell ya.

This is the annual Tim Edwards golf fundraiser for a player, teacher, and coach for the Central Arizona College baseball program who was mysteriously killed in 2005 on his ranch in Silver City, New Mexico. It's a mystery to the world, but not to the community. There's talk, people know what happened, but tight-lipped is the applicable phrase when you ask "why was he murdered?"

Who wants to speculate about that? Nobody.

The story goes that a father told police that his son  Michael James Snyder confessed to the killing of Edwards, later recanted, and to this day, the case remains open. Snyder and his "sister or girlfriend" as Dean volunteered, were questioned and declared persons of interest, but urban legend has it that there was inept investigating of the case. There were stories written by the local papers and an airing of the murder by America's Most Wanted, but the case remains unsolved. It's tough to find any real information on this case, so you listen to the locals talk and get what you can.

You just hate to pry.

Tim's son Todd plays in the tournament yearly, and the current baseball team at Signal Peak "works" the tournament and plays in it. Head baseball Coach Anthony Gilich facilitates the tournament with help from his assistant coaches and the CAC Athletic department.

From L-R:

CAC Athletic Director Chuck Schnoor
Head Coach Anthony Gilich
Asst. Coach Jerry Hardin
Asst. Coach: Jerry A'hearn (squeezed out because his beard didn't fit in the picture)

What a nice athletic community at Signal Peak this Central Arizona College is. I saw the school President Doris Helmick, Director of Purchasing Mark Salaz, Athletic Director Chuck Schnoor, just a few who attended. Them durned cheeseburgers for post game awards at Mission Royal Golf Club were a kick in the pants. Absolutely delicious, I know they were marinated in some sort of steak sauce. Gracious, give me more.

Baseball is life. And it's just better at the community college level. This was a good day for Tim Edwards, remembered for his contributions yet another year at Central Arizona College.

Baseball starts January 30th in Las Vegas and the team bus leaves Thursday morning.