Some Program Director: "Hey meet me in my office afterwards so we can talk about the show."
Blade: "Why, no I won't sir."

Program Directors in radio have annoyed me in the above stated a tortuous amount of times in my radio career and I have responded in the above manner about the amount of zero times in my radio career.

I wish I had said "I'm not meeting you in your office to talk about the show. Who cares what you think" as I grabbed my headphones and ran out the door to make my 10:30 tee time.

That's what I wish I had said. There will be no more wishing because I'll never hear those words from "some program director" ever again. I never like to say "ever" or even "never" even though I just did, but I hope I mean it this time. : )

The right network hired me. I hired the right network. March 6th I'll have my own show. I can say what I want (which will be much more compelling than any commercial radio show or what "some program director" will allow), and above all, I can play what I want. I'm not stupid. I won't play 23 minutes of Echoes from Floyd. Who would sit through that? But I would play...

You'll love the music. You'll love the show.