That Sports Anthem We Always Hear. Who Does it And What's It Called? And How Would You Look It Up?

Sports Illustrated has released the Sports Anthem Power Rankings. Yes fine. But who does that one "Owhoa whoa whoa-Owhoa whoa owho owho."


Out of at least one thousand through a thirty year career, it's these three conversations that stand out.



The WQDR Documentary Project

The WQDR Documentary Project

The following is the story on the new WQDR Raleigh film documentary from Intuitive Entertainment out of Los Angeles CA.

"So really, all you have to do to have a successful or great rock song is have a compelling guitar solo or two in the song and throw in a few "dee dee dee doh doh da da da da's" and there it is. It's all about the guitar isn't it? Nobody cares about the words in a rock song".

Excerpt from Blade Radio Show on the inside scoop of the WQDR Documentary Project, a film documentary on the legendary AOR radio station in Raleigh NC. The nationally recognized station that played it all without rules or airs for over ten years until the life insurance company that owned it closed the door in 1983.