A Death Defying Act

"A Death Defying Act"

 January 1, 2018 1/2 Featured Posts

 Bob "the Blade" Robinson

 The comedy profession.

 Ask comedian Frank King about it. He'll tell you all about it and yes, he'll be here all week. Frank and I had a conversation about five years ago and in general it was about mental health. I come from a family chock full of mental health issues yet I stop short of using the word "riddled". With a mentally ill father who passed away at 46 and a brother who"suffers from schizophrenia", I have plenty to offer in a conversation as such.

And apparently as a comedian, Frank has plenty to offer also.
I mean, who would ever think that the people who make us the happiest in the world by making us laugh could in actuality be an incredibly depressed lot themselves? As a mental health comedian (possibly the first using that nomenclature), the niche is based on very funny professional associates and friends of Frank who told their stories to him of ending it all. As I recall, most of his recounts of these friends ends with "and then I took a look at my kids".


 I've always said if the pain is too much that you can't bear to continue breathing, then go ahead and "self-terminate" as my radio contract language always states.

 Ok. So it IS selfish. So what.

 But the issue of that thought is this....the thought of it being too much to bear and you're going to off yourself, usually passes! And then it returns, and then it passes again. Maybe so often, that you get used to it? I don't know, I'm not incredibly depressed enough to end my life, although I have been. 

But that was only after a fifth of Pepe Lopez.

YOU drink a fifth of that stuff. Believe me, you'll know what I'm talking about.

 "Choosing to live on, is a death defying act" says Frank King. Brilliant. Perfectly brilliant.

Take a look at my Warehouse Interview with Frank himself and how he has the story of the hilarious heart attack he suffered through recently. How can you go wrong with the old "probe in the femoral artery" material?? Tragedy begats comedy, but you have to give it time. Frank said that. Or something a lot funnier than that. -Blade